Maintenance Plans

Paradigm IT Network provides several robust computer maintenance and hardware preventative maintenance plans. We make it possible for you to continue doing what you do best while we make sure your systems are running the way they were intended to run. We protect our clients from Virus Threats and potential Hardware crashes on a daily basis.

Remote Management & Monitoring Tools we can Provide

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  • Device Management Mac & PC
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Network Device Monitoring
  • Remote Access
  • Network Discovery
  • Net Path
  • Patch Management
  • Monthly and Weekly Reports
  • Mobile App
  • Secure Online Data Backup

One Solution to Manage Mac and Windows

More and more, macOS devices are becoming ubiquitous, whether as part of the BYOD paradigm or as a set of existing devices an MSP must support. With the rapidly evolving cyberthreat landscape, MSPs must manage Macs not just for management and support purposes (upgrade, patch, etc.), but to protect the network and all other managed devices from security breaches. To keep your network safe, every device on that network needs to be managed and protected. Viruses and malware are not specific to any one kind of device or operating system. Not managing and protecting Mac workstations and servers can make the entire network vulnerable.

Paradigm RMM is designed to offer a seamless experience for remotely monitoring, managing, and protecting Macs across customer environments. We help protect clients from data loss by backing up important documents to make them easily and quickly recoverable. More importantly, our RMM system helps protect Macs from cyberthreats using robust antivirus protection services.

Mac Services

  • The ability to remotely manage and monitor Mac and Windows devices
  • Quick troubleshooting of macOS issues with minimal disruption to end users
  • Cloud backup with easy recovery for Mac documents—including file formats unique to Mac like plists
  • Protection for Macs from viruses and malware