Here at Paradigm we strive for Customer Satisfaction above all else. Using highly developed skills, our Technicians are always ready and happy to help with any of your Computer related needs. We are available to work on site or we can bring the device in question back to our office where we handle every job with precision and excellence.

Starting off as a home based company in Akron, Ohio, Paradigm IT Network has developed over the course of the last five years.





Christopher Wilson, Owner & CEO

My name is Christopher Wilson and my passion is technology.  I have always been some one that is tech savvy. Wanting to have more for my future, I decided to put those skills to work allowing me to work in a field where I can have the satisfaction of helping my community as well as doing something that I love. My partner and I love to work together and inspire a humorous atmosphere while maintaining focus and completing the task at hand with the Customers needs always in mind. 


Over the course of the years we have developed an exstensive customer base. Helping average people with personal devices scaling all the way up to Major Corporations with full rack servers and multiple client devices. We treat every experience with the same goal in mind, 100% Customer Satisfaction.