Hard Drive Recovery: Don't Fall Victim To Random Access Melodrama!

Yes, we know RAM and Disk Space are different, but the title couldn’t be resisted! Anyway, you’re reading this on your computer right now. When’s the last time you backed up your hard drive? How much vital information would be lost if it crashed this very second? Fun fact: a computer’s average hard drive lifespan is four to six years. That’s not a very long time. Computer service can be a hassle, so let’s look at how to avoid it altogether.

Are you doing anything to keep your data safe from random hardware failure? Computer troubles are a fact of existence in the age of technology, but you don’t have to be bogged down by byte based blunders. Here’s some practical advice on keeping your data safe and yourself from needing a comprehensive hard drive recovery in 2018.

External Backup
This is definitely the most old-school way to back up your hard drive, but it works. Backing up from your internal to an external hard drive is a great way to keep your data safe in another physical place that you can keep track of. Like all hardware, they can break, too. If you’re thinking of going this route, make sure you care for your external hard drive the same way you would care for your computer. However, if you have data you’re afraid to share with anyone else, this is your best option for secure data backup and recovery.

The Cloud
The amorphous cloud. A lot of computer owners are afraid of it because they can’t see it, touch it, and aren’t sure what it is. Quick and easy breakdown: the cloud is a storage space accessed from the internet, where your data can be stored on remote servers. Simpler terms, if you’re using Google Drive, that’s you storing things on Google’s cloud. It’s like a giant external hard drive that Google owns and you can’t see. They’re secure, safe, and usually free up to a certain point (if you’re storing a massive amount of data, you’ll have to pay). The nice thing about the cloud is that it’s way more dependable than your external or internal hard drive. Aka Google’s cloud isn’t going to crash. And if it does, the data of millions would be lost and it would cause a veritable tech apocalypse, which we’re happy to bet against.

The Pros
Hard drive recovery isn’t easy. This is why we’ve recommended the options above, so you can avoid it. But if you don’t, unless you’re well versed in hardware repair and hard drive recovery service, bring it to the pros. Computer repair services can be a little intimidating, but professional services are your best bet for a successful PC repair.

The age of tech is awesome, but not without its bugs. When you’re in need of a bug exterminator, stop by Paradigm IT Network your local Computer Repair and Data Recovery shop. We can help find a great solution for you and you’ll learn more ways to keep the hard drive horrors and software specters away.

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