3 Signs You May Need a New Hard Drive

There’s no escaping it — we live in a highly digital world. Everything we do is on the internet. In fact, almost 80% of adults living in the United States have a desktop or laptop computer.

Computers can sometimes be complicated, especially for those who do not necessarily understand their build or function. For starters, computers and laptops have hard drives. Laptop hard drives are hardware devices that permanently store and retrieve data on the computer, according to Computer Hope.

Hard drives are essential for a computer’s function. When a hard drive is no longer doing its job, the computer will certainly suffer. Hard drive repair is an important computer service that should be completed on a regular basis if your hard drive seems to be acting up. But how do you know when things are getting bad? Here are three signs that you might need a new hard drive.

Crash and burn

What exactly does it mean when your hard drive crashes? You’ve heard the term before, but you don’t know what it looks like. A hard drive crash means that the hard drive physically stops working. The screen typically turns black and everything shuts down, even in the middle of use. The blue “screen of doom” often appears, sometimes the computer will not start, a “file not found” error may pop up when the computer does start, and loud noises may start coming from the device. If any of these happen, it may be time to think about hard drive replacement.

Slow as a snail

When your computer starts freezing and loading slowly all the time, it probably has something to do with the hard drive malfunctioning. Viruses could be affecting your hard drive, especially if you notice a lot of popups and weird emails in your inbox. If you have anti-virus software on your computer and frequently clean out old files so there is plenty of storage space, and your device is still running slowly and freezing, it’s probably time for a new hard drive.

What was that sound?

Your laptop or desktop should be relatively quiet if it is functioning properly. Older computers or ones that are experiencing difficulty typically make a lot of noise. If the fan is blowing really loud and it sounds like a rocket ship about to take off, or any other strange noises are happening, there is probably something wrong with your hard drive.

Hard drives are a core structure in any computer. It needs to be functioning properly in order for your device to work for you. If you are experiencing frequent crashes, slow loading or freezing, or loud, ridiculous noises, it’s time for a new hard drive.