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Liquid Spill On Your Laptop? What To Do Now

You're working productively, checking off your morning tasks, when suddenly your elbow bumps your coffee cup. Time seems to slow as the liquid soars through the air and splashes right onto your laptop. Thoughts of search engine optimization and quarterly reports vanish as you think about the the endless files on your hard drive that could now be compromised due to a liquid spill.

This is a digital professional's nightmare, but not all hope is lost if this happens to you. If you spill coffee, water, or any liquid onto your laptop, take these steps to increase your chances of hard drive recovery.

Step 1: Shut down your computer
Dab any liquid from the surface of the laptop and make sure your hands are completely dry. Hold the power button down until your laptop is completely off.

Step 2: Unplug everything
Once your computer is off, unplug the charger from the wall outlet. This is essential to protect yourself from shock. Then unplug any other accessories such as a mouse, phone charger, or flash drives.

Step 3: Dry any visible liquid
Take a towel and give your laptop a more thorough dry. Dry off the top and bottom, as well as the area around the computer. Try to remove the liquid from in between the keyboard as well.

Step 4: Place the laptop upside down on a towel
Open your laptop as far as possible and place it face-down on a towel. Leave it here for at least two hours.

Step 5: Used compressed air to dry off the laptop
Use a can of compressed air to dry the surface of your laptop. If you don't have compressed air on hand, use a household hair dryer. Another popular method is to put your laptop on a crate and place a fan under the crate, blowing air onto the laptop.

Step 6: Take the laptop to computer repair services
Once you take the above steps, bring the laptop to a computer service center for professional inspection. This laptop repair shop can take a look at the damage and take further steps.

Nearly 80% of adults own laptops or desktop computers, and many find themselves in this situation. By acting quickly and taking the computer to a repair shop, you can increase your chances of recovering your hard drive. Then you can get back to your search engine optimization or writing that quarterly report.

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